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Changes & Choices

Changes & Choices: Vern & Verniece Enciso

Vern and Verniece Enciso are passionate about traveling. For 2016, they have ticked off two dream destinations from their collective travel bucket list. For the new year, they are looking forward to visiting other dream destinations from their 2017 travel bucket list.What have they learned from their travels and what other destinations do they want to visit?  

Changes & Choices

Changes & Choices: Melchora Mabilog

Melchora Mabilog broke into the music industry when she wrote "Mahal Kita Pero" for the Himig Handog Songwriting Competition in 2014 and won third place. Since then, she has written songs for various artists. In 2016, she ventured into writing and singing her own songs and putting it all in a self-titled album which will be released this year.Will 2017 be as in sync as 2016?

Changes & Choices

Changes & Choices: Rochelle Abella

Rochelle Abella has been single for three years but in the last months of 2016, fate decided to change all that. In 2016, she and her long-time guy friend finally admitted their feelings for each other. It was inevitable that they would end up together as friends often told them so.How will this change her blogging career and will this relationship finally be her happily ever after? 

Changes & Choices

Changes & Choices: Lexie Puzon

Lexie Puzon went through many ups and downs in the last year, but most notably is the break-up of a long-term relationship. However, she has not let this bring her down nor hinder her from pursuing and experiencing new things. She is determined in learning to do things on her own and not depend on other people especially when it comes to love.For 2017, she is taking a leap of faith, determined that nothing is going to hold her down. 

Changes & Choices

Changes & Choices: Alyssa Bana

Alyssa Bana struggled in finding her own artisitic voice in the bevy of digital artists on the internet today. But through numerous and careful experimentation, she finally found her signature style and it has since paved the way for her to do other opportunities.How will this artistic expression propel her further in both the art and fashion industry in the new year?