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Beyond The Ordinary

Beyond The Ordinary: Wina Puangco

Going beyond the ordinary, Wina Puangco breaks stereotypes associated with tattoos and shares her own concept of beauty in a traditional and conservative Filipino setting.As a writer, publisher and a tattoo enthusiast - with a total of 15 tattoos, she shares the meaning of her favorite tattoos and how each of them is an extension of herself and her passions.

Beyond The Ordinary

Beyond The Ordinary: Alexandra Juan

Going beyond the ordinary, Alexandra Juan embarked on making her own path by partnering with friends and starting their own business in the food industry. Despite her love for fashion and the ease of earning a monthly salary, she doesn't regret her decision.She even shares how this new venture has opened her eyes to new experiences and appreciation for starting from the bottom; resolved in continuing to pursue her dream of owning her own business.