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Hacks and Habits: Posture 101
Lily Tabanera
Published on

We spend a large part of our days sitting or lying down. Do you notice that you’ve been slouching more? Have you been experiencing occasional back pains? Then it’s probably time for you to work on your posture.


Good posture is when an invisible vertical line can be drawn down your side from your ear, shoulder, center of the hips, knee, and ankle. Practicing good posture engages your core, opens up your diaphragm to help you breathe better, and gives your organs the room they need to aid in digestion. Proper posture also adds to your energy and helps make you look more confident!

Want to take better care of your spine but don’t know where to start? Here are some good posture habits to practice:

When Sitting:   
Your feet should be flat on the floor and your back should be fully supported by the chair. Most of all, try not to slouch or slump over your desk! If you sit a lot during the day for work or school, make sure to get up or stretch at least once every hour and change positions often.

When Standing:
Stand up straight! Keep your hands by the side of your body (not inside your pockets) and refrain from leaning on one foot when standing. Avoid slouching and “text-neck”, which basically means not looking at your phone or looking down for long periods of time. 

When Lying Down:
Choose the right mattress! While others think that a super soft mattress is the most comfortable one for sleeping, studies have shown that a firm mattress (not too soft or hard – just right) is the perfect one for your posture. Sleeping on your back is also the best position, since the spinal cord gets complete support from the bed and the shoulders line up perfectly with the body.

When Driving:
The seat should be slightly reclined to take pressure off your back. Remember: you should be comfortable but alert at the same time. Adjust your car’s mirrors so that you don’t need to strain your neck when seated.

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