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Fit Tip: Get a Massage
iamClaire. Editors
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The weekend is slowly rolling in and while many of you already have it planned with road trips, parties or malling, a few might still opt for some rest and relaxation at a spa (or home, why not!). After all, who won’t say yes to an hour of massage?

Massages are clinically proven to produce physiological changes in the body. With every touch, stretch, knead, your body responds with slowed down blood and heart rate, lower blood pressure, and relaxed muscles. Especially during stressful days when your muscles tense up, massages help ease your tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Moreover, blood circulation can be improved, which leads to better tissue and organ function.

iamClaire. recommends visiting Island Spa at Resorts World Manila, where you can splurge on weekend activities. Akin to a refreshing haven in the city, Island Spa offers a rejuvenation for the tired body and spirit through ancient, time-proven techniques of foot reflexology on key pressure points on the soles of the foot corresponding to the different organs of the body.

Island Spa therapists are trained regularly by certified Chinese trainers to properly administer reflexology and massage techniques to achieve optimum results. Also, the Island Spa in Resorts World Manila is complete with amenities for a relaxing visit that is worth the bucks.

Don't have time to visit the spa yet? Get the French Kiss Slimming Massager for an instant therapy anywhere:


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