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Your Guide to Government IDs
Lily Tabanera
Published on

While applying for government-approved identification cards can be tedious and time-consuming, they are necessities. You need them to open bank accounts, apply for insurance, and to get a job. The good thing about processing these requirements is that unlike before, you can now download forms and apply online. This cuts down your time by half since you won’t have to go through long lines anymore just to secure a form. 

Here are some of the essential IDs everyone needs and the basic steps on how to get them. 

Driver’s License 

If you’re over 18, you can now apply for one. A driver’s license is an official document that authorizes you to drive a motorized vehicle. No more hitching rides with your parents or commuting!

To apply for a license at the Land Transportation Office (LTO), here’s what you need to do:

1. Prepare your accomplished application form.

2. Prepare your student permit, medical certificate, negative drug test result, and TIN.

3. Once you’ve passed all the requirements and paid the fees at the LTO office, your photo and signature will be taken.

4. You will then take the lecture and written exam.

5. Once you’ve passed the written exam, you’ll be taking the practical exam.

6. And once you’ve passed that, you can claim your license!   

Social Security System or SSS ID 

If you are currently employed or applying for a job, having an SSS account is an important requirement. An SSS ID is accepted as a valid ID in almost all government offices and it doesn’t have an expiration date! 

Here’s how to get one: 

1. Prepare any of the following: Passport, Driver’s License, Seaman’s Book, PRC License, Voter’s ID, GSIS ID Card, UMID Card, NBI Clearance, School/Company ID, Postal ID, or TOR as valid identification. 

2. Go to the nearest SSS branch and then submit the application form (online or at the branch itself), together with valid identification. 

3. Wait for your biometrics to be taken. 

4. Wait for the acknowledgment slip to be given to you. 

5. Wait for at least a week for your SSD ID to be delivered to your address.


Ready to see the world? The first step is to get a Philippine passport. You will need this (and a visa) to fly out to most countries. Getting this takes a little more time than the others, but don’t worry too much about it.

Here’s how to apply for it:

1. Set up an appointment at

2. Confirm your appointment! Make sure that you'll arrive personally and on time. 

3. On the day of your appointment, present your filled-out application form (taken from the DFA Appointment System), together with SECPA Birth Certificate, or a copy of your birth certificate from the civil registry. 

4. Present a couple of valid IDs (SSS, Postal ID, Driver’s License, etc.). 

Postal ID 

Yes, we know almost everything is done through the internet these days, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need the Postal ID. It’s one of the easiest cards to obtain and you can present it as a valid document for other applications.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Prepare a proof of address (credit card statement, water or electric bill) and identity (birth certificate, passport, etc.).

2. Download and fill-up the application form or get one from the nearest post office.

3. Prepare and submit the necessary documents and pay the fees at the post office.

4. Wait for your documents to be screened, and then get your photo/biometrics taken.

5. Wait for your Postal ID to be delivered.

What other government IDs do you need? Share your thoughts and tag us on Facebook and Instagram @iamclaireph.