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Hybrid Food Creations Worth Trying
Lily Tabanera
Published on

Sometimes you want a little bit of everything all at once. Fusing two different food items together to create something “new” has been a trend since cronuts first invaded New York. There have been absurd hybrid food creations over the years, so we narrowed it down to five that you might actually want to try:   

1. Cronut (Croissant + Doughnut)

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The original “cronut” was created by pastry chef Dominique Ansel in New York in 2013. 
It looks like a regular donut on the outside, but it is made up of a croissant-like dough, filled with flavored cream, and fried in oil. Local bakeries and cafes have given the cronut recipe a shot, so it won’t be hard to find.

2. Cookie Shot

This mouthwatering creation is also by Dominique Ansel.  It is a chocolate chip cookie shaped like a teeny-tiny cup and filled with vanilla milk. Instead of dipping your cookies in milk, you can have both in one go! This one’s perfect for dessert or a quick snack.

3. Ramen Burger

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The Ramen Burger, originally by Keizo Shimamoto, has gotten mixed reviews. While the concept is intriguing, some people can’t quite wrap their heads around the odd combo. It’s a beef patty between two buns made of salty ramen and is inspired by pork sandwiches with ramen buns in Japan.

4. Ice Cream Cake

If you’re tired of the same old cake for celebrations, why not try an ice cream cake? It’s made of hard layers of ice cream and sponge cake. Its exact origins are unknown, but one thing’s for sure: you’ve got to try it at least once!

5. Pizza Burger

True to its name, it’s made of two pizzas as buns with a beef patty in between. We’re used to pizzas with burger toppings, but this brings the combination to a whole new level! Different variations of the pizza burger can be found in small restaurants and big pizza franchises.

Which of these would you want to try? Share your thoughts by commenting here or tag us on Facebook and Instagram @iamclaireph.