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5 Reasons Why: Microneedling
Dana Manuel
Published on

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is the newest trend that is taking the beauty community by storm. It’s done by rolling tiny needles over the skin with a dermaroller. While it might not sound like the most appealing skincare treatment out there, microneedling is actually painless and has many benefits.

A dermaroller is a skincare device with small needles to stimulate collagen and elastin production. It unclogs pores for better product absorption.

Intrigued? Read on to find out why microneedling gets our seal of approval.

1. It reduces signs of aging.

As we grow older, our cell regeneration slows down. This manifests in our skin as wrinkles and fine lines, and loss of elasticity. Microneedling creates invisible punctures on the skin to stimulate collagen production, which is the skin’s way of healing itself. The results are less lines and wrinkles, and an overall improvement of skin texture.

2. It improves the appearance of acne scars.

A lot of acne-sufferers swear by microneedling when it comes to improving the appearance of crater-like acne scars. This is because microneedling evens out the skin surface by filling up the bumps. However, it’s not recommended for those with cystic acne. Make sure you use it only after your acne has healed.

3. It allows for better absorption of your skincare products.

When your pores are clogged, it’s a lot harder for your skin to absorb the serums and treatments you apply on your face. By creating invisible punctures, microneedling helps skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin.

4. It treats rosacea.
Microneedling is great for treating rosacea, a skin condition that causes facial redness. It reduces the appearance of redness by rejuvenating the skin surface and speeding up the natural healing process by boosting collagen production.

5. It minimizes large pores.

Pricking your skin with microneedles, although completely painless, seems like it can only make your already large pores bigger. Microneedling actually does the opposite. It gives the skin an overall plump appearance, especially in the areas where you have enlarged pores.

Have you tried microneedling? Share your own experience by leaving us a comment.