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Would You Relocate for Your SO?
Lily Tabanera
Published on

What would you do if you and your partner were forced apart by distance for an indefinite period?

Many people are faced with this dilemma when a job or a family obligation requires them to live in a different country. While it may not be an ideal situation when you’re in a serious relationship, they'll most likely do it anyway because it's an opportunity they wouldn’t want to pass up or an unavoidable move for personal reasons.

Compromise is necessary in these situations.  You have three choices: either your partner will ask you to relocate with him or her, you’ll try to make a long-distance relationship work, or you'll eventually break up.

We asked six millennial women if moving to a different country for their respective SOs could ever be an option:

Would you relocate for your SO?

“If I would encounter that problem, I wouldn't relocate just because he’s migrating with his family or relocating because of work. If that time comes, I’ll be someone who's pursuing a career and life of my own in my home country. So even though I want to be with him, I’d still choose my own career. I would only consider relocating with my him if the move would also benefit me, my career, and my family.” – Angela, 21

“I think I'm okay with the idea as long as my career or current work won't be compromised. As a partner, I want to be with my significant other but at the same time, I want to do something for a living.” – Nore, 22   

“Of course, you’d want to be with your special someone or at least be near each other. However, realistically, relocating near him? There are a lot of things to consider. You should have already reached your full potential in your work/organization and are ready to move. If you haven’t reached your goals, I’m a firm believer in being a better version of yourself even when in a relationship. But if he proposes, I don’t know! Forget what I said just now, go with him!” - Nic, 23

“It depends on the situation. If I'm at the age where we're ready to settle down with each other, then that's a yes. However, I'm still young and we're both going down different career paths for now so that would be a no. Also, I'm secure enough with him that I'm free to follow my passion with his full support, regardless if he's physically there or not.” – Lara, 23 

“Given that all is right with my family, yes, I'd relocate for my boyfriend. Why? Because our love languages – quality time and physical affection – would make a long-distance relationship unbearable.” – Regina, 22 

“For me, it depends. If it has always been his dream (to move to another country or migrate), then I won’t stop him from going. Because if I do, it would be selfish. If he’s happy to relocate he should go, but there’ll be a shift in my dreams or goals because I'd want to be with him.” – Inah, 22 

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