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5 Tips for Volumizing Fine Hair
Dana Manuel
Published on

Girls with naturally full and luscious locks tend to have an easier time when it comes to styling. For the rest of us, bouncy waves and a long-lasting blowout is something we can only dream of. But for all the fine- and thin-haired ladies out there, don’t despair. We round up simple hair hacks that will give you a fuller-looking mane.

1. Cleanse your hair.

Finding a shampoo that will cleanse your hair without weighing it down is crucial. The Dove Shampoo Oxygen & Nourishment is formulated with Oxyfusion technology to give your tresses volume without drying out your scalp.   

2. Go easy on conditioner.

It's not a good idea to condition your hair daily when it's already limp and lifeless. And you definitely don't want to condition your roots. Try the reverse washing method  where  you shampoo your hair after conditioning it. We recommend a mild and nutrient-rich conditioner like Pantene Pro-V Nature Care Fullness & Life Conditioner.

3. Try a shampoo that stimulates hair growth.

The last thing you want is excessive hair fall. Luckily, there are hair thickening products like the IKUMOU Organic Rebirth Hair Grower Shampoo, which rejuvenates the scalp and hair to stimulate hair growth for fuller-looking locks.

4. Blow-dry upside down.

The key to adding volume to limp hair is focusing on the roots. Add volume to your mane by flipping your hair upside down and blow drying the roots with a blow dryer like Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, which has a temperature control system to protect your locks from damage.

5. Hair supplements

It takes a long time to grow your hair out and it takes twice as long for girls dealing with hair fall on top of limp, lifeless locks. Taking a dietary supplement like the Illuminous White Squalene Omega-3 will help nourish hair from within and encourage hair growth for healthy, bouncy, and full hair.

Do you have any hair tips to share? Let us know in the comments.