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Why You Should Try a Body Serum
Dana Manuel
Published on

When was the last time you moisturized? You probably have the daily 10-step facial skincare routine down to a tee, but lest you forget, your body needs some TLC, too. Hands, elbows, and knees are especially susceptible to roughness and signs of aging. 

Apart from drinking lots of water and maintaining a healthy diet, regularly slathering on products with skin-loving ingredients will visibly improve your complexion. Your skin will thank you for your diligence when you're much older!

Consider body serums. A good lotion will do the job of hydrating the skin, but a body serum will have a more concentrated formula to target specific skin concerns as it moisturizes. Like serums for the face, body serums are packed with powerhouse ingredients that you won't typically find in regular body lotions.

When it comes to texture, body serums are considerably lighter than body lotions. The concentrated formula is also more absorbent. This makes it a great choice when the weather gets unbearably hot and humid because it won't leave you feeling uncomfortably sticky.

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Ready to try a body serum that will protect, hydrate, and treat your dry skin? Try Vaseline’s Healthy White Serum, a water-based body serum infused with Vitamin B3 for long-term brightening benefits.

Will you swap your body lotion for a body serum? Sound off in the comments and share your favorite way to hydrate and pamper your skin.