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Your Guide to Road Trip Essentials
Lily Tabanera
Published on

Whether it’s with your family, friends, or special someone, road trips are always fun. There’s something inviting about driving through roads and getting the opportunity to see and visit many places at once.

The key to a hassle-free trip is to be as comfortable as possible. Leave all the extra baggage behind and pack only the essentials. Aside from the personal necessities such as clothes and toiletries, here are seven things you wouldn’t want to go without on a road trip:

1. Maps and Navigation Apps

Although getting lost could turn into an adventure, it’s not something you’d want to go through when you’re on a tight schedule. While navigation applications on your phones are fairly reliable, there are areas where the signal is choppy and there’s no Wifi or 4G internet. To be safe, bring along hardcopies of maps.

2. Food and snacks – lots of it!

You’ll be inside that car for hours, maybe days. Stock up on food and beverages for the trip. Also, if you’re going to a remote area, stores might be hard to come by. Put food in small food containers and bring food and drinks that won’t spill or cause strong smells.

3. A first aid kit

Be prepared! You never know what might happen. It doesn’t have to contain a full kit, just the basics. A basic first aid kit can contain pain relievers, anti-bacterial cream, bandages, and motion sickness medicine.

4. An awesome playlist

Prepare it the night before so you can sing along during the trip and so the designated driver won’t get all sleepy. There’s nothing better than belting out your favorite tunes while in a highway or a deserted rough road.

5. A camera!

If you’re not content with taking photos on your phone and you have a DSLR camera, Instax, GoPro, or – if you’re more old fashioned – a film camera, bring it along so you can capture those road trip memories.

6. Pillows and blankets

No matter how comfy your car is, there will come a time when it would feel uncomfortable. The seats might be bumpy, your legs will cramp up, and you’ll want to lie down and sleep. It’s ideal to bring a couple of blankets and pillows for when this happens.

7. Spare keys, spare chargers, spare everything!

Since a car is your main (and only) mode of transportation, you don’t want to get locked out. Bring another set of keys, just in case. In fact, bring extras of everything! Car chargers, cables, and tires are some of the most important must-haves.

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