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Halloween Makeup How-To: Spider Web Eye Makeup
Dana Manuel
Published on

In case you still don't have a costume for Halloween, the Spider Web Eye is a look worth considering. The best part: you can cop the look with products you can use year-round! Not everyone has the time or the budget for an elaborate costume that will be used once and then forgotten, so investing on makeup instead is a good alternative.

This simple yet stunning look is surprisingly easy to recreate. Just pair it with a cute dress and some sparkly heels and you’re all set!

Get the look: 

1. Start by applying a light brown eyeshadow like the Makeover Single Eye Shadow in Chocolate Matte on the creases and on the outer corners of the eyes.

2. Pat a bright orange shade like the Makeover Single Eye Shadow in X on the center of the lids.

3. Draw a sharp wing and line the waterline using a fine-tipped black liquid eyeliner like Clio’s Waterproof Pen Liner in Kill Black.

4. Use a damp angled eyeliner brush and a pigmented yellow eyeshadow like the Makeover Single Eye Shadow in Yellow to fill in the details.

5. Take the same burnt orange shadow you used earlier and buff it on the lower lids.

8. Here comes the fun part: draw on the spider webs.

9. Attach false lashes for drama.

Bonus: You can use a concealer like Missha’s The Style Perfect Concealer with a small concealer brush to clean up any mistakes.

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