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Fit Tip: Weigh Yourself Regularly
iamClaire. Editors
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Stepping on the scale may come off as a scary event to most of us, especially if we aren't really keeping tabs with our fitness routine (or lack thereof!). But the reality is that the number you see on the scale is indicative of your health in more ways than just pointing out you gained a pound from that cheat meal.

If anything, weighing scales should be one of the nonnegotiable items in your home. Not only will it help you identify your current poundage, but it will help you keep track of your health and fitness progress. "Some women have a fluctuating weight because of hormonal issues," Dra. Riza Berberabe, OB-GYN, shares. "Regularly checking your weight will help you and your doctor monitor how your hormones are messing up your body, or if it has already stabilized."

Fitness coach Madel Galvez has another take on the topic: "If you want to know your sedentary weight, you may use regular dial weighing scales. But if you are under a fitness program—resistance training, particularly—it's best if you use a tool to weigh your body fat and muscle mass, too!" Weigh-ins are not as advisable to do daily as the numbers will change based on many factors, which includes your water weight and the frequency of your visits to the bathroom.

The Taylor Body Fat Scale is the perfect tool for women with active lifestyle, who want to keep track of their fitness journey. This digital scale will not only measure your weight, but it will also calculate your body fat percentage, water weight, and muscle mass.

Taylor Body Fat Scale

The Taylor Body Fat Scale also allows for programming of up to four users, perfect for when you're sharing your fitness journey with family and friends!

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