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3 DIY Halloween-Inspired Drinks
Lily Tabanera
Published on

We all know Halloween isn’t just for kids. Whether you’re hosting a party, just staying in, or going someplace with friends, here are some drinks that are perfect for this spooky season:  

1. Butterbeer 

It’s a classic. You may not get to go to Harry Potter’s Hogsmeade, but at least you can drink Butterbeer. Don your Hogwarts robes and chug down a few of these with friends!

What you’ll need: 
·         1oz butterscotch schnapps 
·         7oz cream soda 
·         Whipped cream


Mix the schnapps and soda together and add whipped cream on top!

*Recipe from Wynter Holden

2. Vampire’s Blood Punch 

It’s called a “vampire” drink for a reason. The Vampire’s Blood Punch has a signature red color that’ll make you think of – what else – blood.

What you’ll need: 

·         500ml pomegranate juice

·         250ml grape juice

·         250ml ginger ale

·         Fresh blueberries


  1. Pour the chilled pomegranate juice, grape juice and ginger ale into a large punch bowl and stir.
  1. Sprinkle a generous handful of blueberries so that they bob on the surface of the cocktail. Use a ladle to serve. 

*Recipe from Good To Know

3. Poison Apple Punch

This drink brings to mind evil stepmothers and Snow White! Don’t worry, it’s not poisonous. You won’t end up falling into a deep sleep like the princess.

You’ll need: 

·         1/2 gallon lime sherbet 

·         2 liters sprite 

·         a few drops of neon green food coloring


  1. Place the lime sherbet in your punch bowl.
  1. Slowly poor 2 liters of sprite into the bowl so it bubbles and foams.
  1. Add a few drops of the food coloring, until the green really pops!

*Recipe from This Grandma Is Fun

Which one would you like to try this Halloween? Share your thoughts and tag us on Facebook and Instagram @iamclaireph.