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The Evolution of Millennial Weddings
Lily Tabanera
Published on

Change is inevitable. Trends come and go quickly and the idea of what's considered cool is subjective. With the rise of social media, technology, and ever-changing lifestyles, major life milestones have been getting an upgrade to cater to today's generation.

Welcome to the era of themed weddings, hashtags, and DIYs!  Here are some things that make millennial weddings stand out:

1. Millennial Weddings Are More Personalized.
Couples don’t want their weddings to be the same as everyone else’s. They want a wedding that shows off their interests. There have actually been weddings with Harry Potter and Star Wars themes. Couples also do a lot of DIY!  They’re willing to produce hand-crafted invitations, decorations, and table settings for the big day.

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2. Millennials are marrying later in life.
While our parents got married during their early to late twenties, our generation’s weddings usually take place when couples are in their thirties. Studies show that millennials want to get married, but they’re waiting for the right time. They would rather focus on their careers and being financially stable before entering into that lifelong commitment.

3. Millennials utilize social media.
Pinterest plays a big part in wedding planning. Pinterest boards have replaced bridal magazines as the go-to source for ideas. During the ceremonies and receptions, guests are encouraged to use personalized hashtags when posting on Instagram and Facebook such as #SpierAndBrunoGetHitched and #MLNewlyWeds.

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4. Millennial weddings don’t follow tradition.
At least some of them don’t. Millennial weddings these days are held in gardens and beaches instead of churches. The ceremonies are officiated by friends of the bride and groom. Bridesmaids even wear mismatched dresses and brides wear non-white wedding gowns.

If you’re planning a wedding, these changes might be hard to explain to your parents and older relatives. But hey, it’s your big day.

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