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Fitness Fast Talk with Bianca Umali
iamClaire. Editors
Published on

Sometimes it's difficult to believe that celebrities are not just born with a perfect physique—that their abs and firm behinds are not just products of good genes. It's already a given, you might think. But before we all feel hopeless about getting a fit bod like theirs, this month's cover girl Bianca Umali says that it doesn't come easy for anyone—celebs or athletes included.

"No pain, no gain!" she said when asked what her word of advice to women on a fitness journey is. "You can't get muscles overnight, nor can you gain or lose pounds. Everything comes with hard work." Bianca, who just started her fitness journey early this year, works out six times a week. "I only rest one day a week. I committed myself to a regular workout routine upon taking a role for a TV series, and I guess it paid off. That's the key: commitment."

And before you peg your body goals with anybody else's, Bianca says that it's important to know that we're all unique, and that being different makes us beautiful. "Focus on yourself. Everyone should learn to love their body and embrace who they are." Watch the video below to learn more from our cover girl:

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