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5 Ways to Improve Your Mornings
Lily Tabanera
Published on

1. Wake up around the same time each day. 

An alarm that rings at a specific time every day serves as a cue for your body to know when to be awake and when to sleep. Also, try not to press the snooze button! When your alarm goes off, it interrupts the REM cycle, and the repeated intrusions every 10 or 15 minutes only messes with your body’s natural rhythm.

2. Stretch and exercise.

Yes, you tell yourself that this might be too much to ask. But exercise gets your blood flowing and helps shake the sleep off your brain. Doing stretches inside your room, gentle yoga, or taking a quick run could make a big difference for your mornings.

3. Eat breakfast! 

Eat some brain food. You don’t want to start the day on an empty stomach. Have a small breakfast that will fill you up, give you energy, and improve your brain’s cognitive function.

In a rush? Try preparing this Overnight Oats recipe to save you some time in the morning.

4. Set goals for the day.

Thinking of what your day has in store can be overwhelming. Why not take a minute to note down the things that you want to accomplish for the next 10 hours or so? Writing down your goals makes you significantly more likely to achieve them. 

5. Turn your phone off.

We know it’s hard, but as much as possible try to limit your screen time. This is also applicable for other parts of the day. Your phone distracts you and keeps you from getting work done. So, if you want to be productive, you know what to do.

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