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10 Travel Beauty Essentials
Dana Manuel
Published on

Travelling light is a necessary life skill for adventurous wanderers or for someone whose work involves frequent travel. Being creatures of comfort, it's tempting to pack our entire vanity into our luggage. We never know when that luxury-sized body moisturizer may come in handy! But in the spirit of practicality—and to make room for gifts and new purchases, streamlining is a must! No matter how long your trip is or where you are going, there are certain things that should be staple in your kit. The last thing you want while on vacation is to be scouring drugstores or malls in search of that moisturizer you can't live without.

We put together a list of travel-friendly essentials so you can maintain a good, albeit simplified, beauty routine while in transit. Here's how to edit your overstuffed toiletry and makeup kit down to the essentials.

What beauty essentials do you take with you when you travel? We’d love to know! Share it with us in the comments.