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3 Ways You Can Help End the Battle with Breast Cancer
iamClaire. Editors
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 Breast cancer affects millions of women around the world. In the Philippines alone, 12 Filipino women die of breast cancer daily. It is an alarming rate that placed the Philippines as the country with the most number of breast cancer cases in a recent study by the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society. 

While the ultimate cure for it is yet to be developed by researchers and experts worldwide, there are a few preventive measures we can take to help promote early detection and awareness.

Here, a roundup of simple ways you can do to help end the battle with breast cancer:

Get screened

Or perform a breast self-exam. According the the World Health Organization [WHO], the low survival rates—especially in underdeveloped countries—can be explained by the lack of early detection programs. This results in women coming in for treatment at a later stage into their disease. Avoid this by being vigilant in and responsible for your own health. Suriin ang sariling suso.

Talk about it

Performing a self-examination and talking about it with your family and friends would break the taboo and provide a deeper understanding of the disease. While you may be safe from the cancer, your loved one might be at risk. Speak about it and spread awareness. 

Support causes for breast cancer awareness and research

Run that marathon. Buy that pink shirt. Participate in the forums. Promote breast cancer awareness by supporting brands that fund medical researches for the cure. Case in point: the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by Estée Lauder, which was launched 25 years ago. Watch the video below to learn more about their mission and vision.

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month worldwide. How do you plan to spread awareness? Comment here or tag us on Facebook or Instagram @iamclaireph!