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Celebrate Real Beauty with A Real Life Wonder Woman
Dana Manuel
Published on

For decades, we've been sold the idea that beauty is all about having perfect skin, perfect features, perfect everything. Real women are hardly represented in advertising. Instead, we are bombarded with images of seemingly flawless women we can't measure up to. But times are changing and more brands have started rallying to re-explore what it means to beautiful.

Dove is one of the biggest brands that has been consistent in promoting real beauty through their campaigns with the mission of redefining and expanding the idea of beauty. Their new campaign Real Beauty Productions under the creative direction of Shonda Rhimes features real women from different backgrounds, race, and experiences, but one thing resonates from their diverse stories: real beauty is not just skin deep.

Their recent video is about Diana, a teacher, wife, mother, athlete, and amputée. She talks about how she embraces life and overcomes challenges despite her disability. She sends a very powerful message about how beauty is about perseverance and strength in the face of adversity. She inspires her daughters, students, and now other women across the world, by being confident and unafraid of other people’s judgment because beauty truly lies within.

She shared with her students, “Beauty is not how you look on the outside, it’s how you feel about yourself on the inside. And if you believe that you are beautiful, then you truly are.” Her message is simple yet moving. We live in a time where images of women and beauty are so easily manipulated, especially in social media. It's important for us as women to promote an inclusive view of beauty. We still have a long way to go in affecting lasting change in media and advertising, but we applaud Dove for going against the grain and using their voice to show women across the world what #RealBeauty looks like.

Watch Diana share her inspiring story and how she defines beauty in the video below.

Dove’s #RealBeauty campaign message is one iamClaire. can truly get behind another reason among many why we love the brand.

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