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3 Lessons From Kingsman: The Golden Circle
iamClaire Contributors
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Looking for a movie to check out in the cinemas this week? We recommend watching Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the sequel to the blockbuster 2014 hit Kingsman: The Secret Service. The action spy comedy film follows the Kingsmen as they team up with their American counterparts, the Statesmen, after the world is held hostage by a new threat.

Not only is the flick highly entertaining and jam-packed with celebrity cameos, but it also highlights life lessons that you can apply in everyday life. 

1. Don’t hesitate to rise above your station.

Eggsy, that kid who didn’t know how to be a proper “gentleman”, is now in a serious relationship with Princess Tilde of Sweden. Add to that the fact that he’s on a mission to save the world – again. Who would’ve expected that, right? Just like Eggsy, you can’t let your social or economic status define you. Step up and prove that you’re more than what other people see on the surface. 

2. Never give up on a friend.

Harry Hart (welcome back, Colin Firth! We thought you were dead!) doesn’t remember his days as a Kingsman. He wants to study butterflies instead! Even Merlin says that there’s nothing they can do for him. But does Eggsy give up? No, sir. Like a true-blue Kingsman, he helps his mentor get back on his feet. Following this example, if one of your girlfriends encounters a problem – serious or not – be there for her. No matter what.

3. Stay Relevant.

In the film, the world is threatened with a deadly disease caused by drugs. Sounds familiar? The Philippines had been dealing with a president much like the one in Kingsman. The “war on drugs” has garnered a lot of hype on social media. Whether you’re for it or against it, it’s important that you keep yourself informed about current events. You’d want to be in the loop when other people start taking about political, environmental, and social issues.   

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