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Cat Eye vs. Puppy Eye: Which Eyeliner Look is Right For You?
Dana Manuel
Published on

A feline flick makes for a sexy and bold eye look. Case in point is this video. But purveyors of K-beauty prefer a more youthful look: the puppy eye. While a cat eye is fierce and dramatic, the puppy eye presents a cute and innocent alternative. Both are really flattering, so it’s really hard to pick one. To help you decide which look to go for, we’ve picked a few of our favorites from Pinterest.

Cat Eye

A good cat eye has a sharp line that flicks upward to create a winged effect. This eye look requires a lot of precision, but the results are dramatic in the best way possible. We all know the frustration of creating a winged liner then getting both eyes to match, but you don’t need to be a professional to master it! Just keep on practicing and having that eyeliner on fleek will be a breeze in no time.

Here are some stunning cat eye looks to get you inspired.

Puppy Eye

If cat eyes aren’t your thing, the puppy eye is an easier alternative that is a bit more subtle and natural. We've noticed that this look is especially popular with our monolid sisters. Instead of flicking upwards, the puppy eye is lined downwards to follow the natural shape of the eyes. This look makes the eyes appear bigger for a more youthful effect. 

Scroll down to see this ultra cute eye look in action.

iamClaire. Recommends

 Cat or puppy, either way you’ll want an eyeliner that offers great control or precision. For that, we suggest a great pen liner like the Clio Professional Waterproof Brush Liner or the Clio Professional Waterproof Pen Liner. A blunt-tipped pencil eyeliner—even a freshly sharpened one, might not give you the sharp tail that both looks require. A gel pot liner when applied with a fine brush works too but it’s not as convenient to use—a big consideration for busy girls on-the-go who do their makeup while stuck in traffic.   

What eyeliner look is your favorite? Upload your selfie and tag us on Instagram @iamClaireph.