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Treat of the Week: Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings
Maria Sioco Borden
Published on

When Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings started in September 2012, the entrepreneurs behind the restaurant had one vision: to create a venue for shared conversations, great music, and lip-smacking buffalo wings. In other words, they were hopeful they could fill a gap that existed in the dining scene—a wings place that offered generous portions within a reasonable price range.

“We had five original flavors when we first opened,” Managing Director and Co-founder Eduardo Firmalo shares, “and now we have 13. We’ve expanded our offerings a lot more to keep our menu fresh and updated.”

The bestselling wings are still the classic buffalo ones, but Eduardo notes that his favorite is the Caribbean Jerk because of the delicate plays of flavor—it’s exotic and familiar all at the same time. Also, you probably won’t have guessed, but it has a whopping 19 ingredients! “The recipes were developed by me and my partners, along with some help from our cooks, and Kevin’s [Te] mom Grace,” Eduardo shares.

If you’ve been to Frankie’s in February, you’ll have noticed their one-of-a-kind seasonal chocolate wings flavor. Eduardo credits that creation to his cousin, Andrew Que, who is also an entrepreneur in the dining scene. There’s also the sweet, tangy Asian flavor of the Nagoya Tebaski wings, and the bacon-encrusted Cheesy Bacon wings that are worth trying. Aside from wings, Frankie’s also offers pasta, Hungarian sausage served with rice, fish and chips, and burgers. A meal isn’t complete at Frankie’s without their fudge brownies, and salted caramel cheesecake.

Knowing that we’re living in a fast-paced world, Frankie’s is also available at the click of your button. They’ve partnered with Food Panda, and that instantly allows you to order your favorite dozen of wings within 45 minutes (within standard operating hours of the restaurant).

“We want people to associate Frankie’s as being value for money, and a place where you can come to hang out, eat dinner, and relax with friends,” Eduardo says. But more than that, “We don’t aspire for good service, we aspire for amazing service. We take great care of our customers and we always set the bar high.” And that’s probably why we keep coming back for more.

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