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Matte vs. Dewy: How to Master Both
Dana Manuel
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One of the things to consider when choosing a foundation or base product is the finish. Are you #TeamMatte or #TeamDewy? Some girls who are on the oily side might prefer a more matte finish because a dewy base tends to accentuate their already shiny skin. Girls with dry skin might prefer a dewy base to achieve a healthier look. 

What’s fun about makeup is that there are no rules. You can wear any finish you like regardless of your skin type, so long as you make sure to prep your skin and wear a primer that addresses your skin’s needs. There are actually a lot of skin finishes, but matte and dewy seem to be the the two most popular and polarizing ones. If you are unsure about the difference between the two, fret not! We give you a breakdown along with some product recommendations to help you achieve a flawless base. 


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Makeup with a matte finish usually has a powdery and velvety feel. It doesn't add any glow or sheen to the skin, making it the default choice for oily-skinned girls. Matte makeup should help conceal excess shine and leave you with a very polished, flawless canvas. 

To prevent your matte makeup from looking flat and cakey, apply a light layer of powder to set the face. 

If you have dry skin and want a matte finish, make sure to moisturize your face first. And ditch the setting powder for a bit of highlighter instead. 

Below are some base products you will need for the perfect matte finish. 


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Unlike matte makeup, dewy makeup adds a glow and radiance to the skin. It creates a moist effect, which makes it ideal for dry or mature skin. A good dewy base shouldn’t add oil and shine to the face, but give it a youthful gleam. The key to this finish is prepping the skin before applying foundation or bb cream. Begin with a properly moisturized face. Then apply a primer that already has a bit of glow in it for a full luminous effect. For girls with oily skin who prefer a radiant finish, make sure to set your makeup with a translucent oil controlling powder. Finish off with a few spritz of a good makeup setting spray.

If you want to be a glowing goddess, here are some of the products that we recommend.

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