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Girls Gone Mild: Staying In on a Saturday Night
Maria Sioco Borden
Published on

Come on, admit it. As the weekend inches closer, the idea of staying in and lounging in your PJs with Netflix playing in the background seems more appealing than having to dress up and drive through weekend traffic to meet friends at the bar. Some weeks are longer than others, and sometimes all we want at the end of a stressful work week is a quiet Saturday night in with your best girl friends.

Who says you have to go out to have fun? Whether you’re hosting a quiet dinner at your home or flexing your creative muscles with watercolor calligraphy, there’s a bevy of ways you can entertain and bring the party right into your living room.

1. Game Night
Do you have a friend with a penchant for the written word? Scrabble it is. If you have friends who are into strategy games, you can play Settlers of Catan or Monopoly; and for those who want to try their hand at drawing, there’s Pictionary. Another crowd-pleaser is your own version of Pinoy Henyo. Scribble down words that you know your friends can guess with some witty inside jokes. These games can last well into the night, and you’ll most likely discover things you wouldn’t have otherwise known! Game night also works as a great theme if you have a mix of friends that don’t know each other well—it serves as a conversation starter and fun icebreaker.

2. Wine & Watercolor
They say that art is a form of catharsis. If you and your friends have had a long week, why not ease off the stress and learn a new skill? Gail Javier, owner of Paper Star Art, is no stranger to girls’ get-togethers. She’s taught at a bridal shower, and offers group lessons on basic and advanced watercolor, watercolor lettering, and brush pen calligraphy. Her rates, which already include all basic materials, start at Php 2,000 to 2,500 per person, depending if it’s an individual or group private class. Served best with a chilled glass of wine, watercolor lessons with Gail also leaves you with Instagram-worthy quotes that you can share on your social feed.

3. Makeover Session
Also a great bridal shower or birthday party theme is a makeup lesson from a professional. Katchie Mejias, whose work is published in fashion and bridal editorials, offers basic day to night application lessons. She’ll teach you how to master your skin tone, and contour and highlight, using your own tools. Her usual rate is between Php 2,500 to 3,500 per person, depending on how large the group is. 

4. A Movable Feast
Julie Parreno, a graduate of a two-year culinary course at the Manila Institute for Culinary Arts and Residential Services, is a non-profit professional by day, and a chef extraordinaire in her spare time. She’s cooked for both business and private gatherings, and girls’ nights’ in as well. For girls’ nights in, she notes that she likes preparing small plates—a smattering of tasteful dishes like adobo maki, pork salpicao bites, fresh spring rolls, bruschettas, spicy sesame shrimps, and melon parma ham. Her rates are usually at Php 1,000 per head, but it also depends on the intricacy of the menu and the size of the group. Leave the night’s gustatory delights to her and enjoy a night of fun, easy conversations with your girlfriends. She can be reached at 09178983877.

What do you like to do on weekends? Let us know by commenting here or tagging us on Instagram @iamclaireph.