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What’s In Store: September 2017
Gianna G
Published on

What makes you happy?

Is it landing your dream job? Finding your soulmate? Having #skingoals and #bodygoals?

Happiness is subjective and unique for each person. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to attain this goal. But one thing all happy people have in common is their ability to find happiness within themselves.

This September, we are kicking off the -ber months with a whole lot of self-love, acceptance, and sisterhood. From empowering stories about defeating the odds to step-by-step instructions and tips on how to enhance your natural beauty, we are here to guide you through your journey to self-discovery.

We are celebrating sisterhood and the transformative power of women supporting one another. We are encouraging you to be the best and most beautiful version of yourself both inside and out. We are bringing to light health issues that many women suffer from but don’t necessarily like to talk about, like Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and anxiety. We are here to start and foster conversations that will help you grow individually and as a sisterhood.

September 2017

This is why we chose Maureen Wroblewitz to be our September 2017 cover girl, along with her friends and fellow models Kelley Day, Jeanine Kosca, and Jamina Cruz. They embody what iamClaire. is all about: sisterhood, empowering transformation, and self-love.

Maureen is a force to be reckoned with. We watched her blossom on Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5, where she emerged victorious despite being the underdog. She was bullied by other contestants for having a "pretty face but no skills", not being tall enough (she stands at 5’6”), and for having the least modeling experience. She was even criticized for winning the competition.

It was a lot of pressure to take in for a 19-year-old girl, but she handled it all with grace and courage. Instead of allowing the negativity to discourage her from standing her ground and eventually winning the competition, she used it as fuel to work harder and prove that she deserved to be a top model. She took the high road by shaking off the haters and focusing on herself instead.

Watch the videos below to see how Maureen wins against the haters and get to know our other gorgeous cover girls, Kelley, Jeanine, and Jamina.
Maureen Wroblewitz September 2017 Cover Girl | iamClaire.

Claire Sketches with Kelley Day, Jeanine Kosca, and Jamina Cruz
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