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What Does Water Therapy Do to Your Body?
Anne Mari Ronquillo
Published on

Every now and then, there comes an encouraging health trend that posits itself as the solution to all our mysterious ailments. Water therapy is so simple, so cheap, and so natural that it’s almost unbelievable that no one has thought of it until now.

Except, they have. The practice of water therapy has been part of many medicinal and cultural circles. Your grandparents may even be practicing it themselves! Many practitioners believe that drinking lots of water would cure anything from headaches to cancer, simply by making our bodies more efficient.

In water therapy, you make water your bae. As in, before anything else in the mornings, you must drink about 4 glasses of room-temperature water prior to brushing teeth. You must then wait 45 minutes before consuming anything else. This allows water to activate and cleanse your internal physical systems.

Here are seven ways water therapy is activating our body: 

  1. Water gives your kidneys and bladder an easier time flushing out wastes. If you watch enough Grey’s Anatomy, you’ll know that kidney failure is some serious business that you don’t want to get into! Frequent urination also lessens the risk of urinary tract, bladder, and kidney infections.

    2. Backed up? Your digestive system could use help from water. It alleviates constipation by facilitating movement in the bowels.

    3. Better digestion means better metabolism. If you are looking to lose some weight, you may want to start downloading a water reminder app on your phone. In Ayurvedic medicine, water therapy is a common aid to weight loss.

    4. In a climate like ours, it is imperative to stay hydrated. Our sweat glands work full-time to get heat and toxins out of our bodies and we need water to replenish our lost fluids. Bring extra water on your way to hot yoga!

    5. This efficient nutrient distribution in your body and increase in toxin-flushing would make your skin glow. Moisturize from the inside!

    6. Feeling under the weather? No one likes to talk about or touch gross bodily secretions, but water helps ease congestion by loosening up mucus. Drinking more water especially when you’re running a fever would also keep your body cool and comfortable while you fight off an illness.

    7. Just enjoyed a great dessert? Water helps rid your mouth of acids and sugars that cause tooth decay. Water therapy is also a known treatment for diabetes as it helps break down sugar and keep glucose levels normal.

    This form of water therapy is not to be confused with hydrotherapy, which sounds more luxurious as it involves full-body immersion in shallow pools that may come with jet-stream massages. Water therapy is pretty simple: you just drink more water than ever.

    But, be careful. If you feel like you are overdoing water therapy, you probably are. Unfortunately, we are not mermaids, and the body can only process no more than 3 liters of water in an hour. Anything over that puts one at risk of water intoxication or hyponatremia, which causes sodium imbalance in the body that leads to fatal complications.

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