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Conversations with Claire: A Day in the Life of Bea Vega
Pong Castillo
Published on

The rainy season is at its peak, with frequent showers and thunderstorms plaguing the metro and other cities here and abroad. We ditch outdoor activities, and instead, book a cozy place for a staycation with family and friends. But for some people, the rain is no indication to stop having fun outdoors.

Take for example, surfer-photographer Bea Vega, who didn't mind driving us to Baler, Aurora one gloomy weekend. "I checked the forecast, may alon," she tells iamClaire. "We can surf!" It still rained when the iamClaire. team got to the surf camp. But before the team even settled in, Bea was already in her bathing suit, waxing her surfboard. She was ready to ride.

What fuels her passion for surfing? Competitiveness and self-fulfillment. "I like that surfing allows me to do what any other girl or man can do. It empowers me."

Watch the video below for a day in the life of Bea Vega:

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