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10 Girls Share Their Favorite Scents
AK Valenzuela
Published on

Research confirms that your choice of perfume is invariably linked to your personality. Your signature scent reveals more about you that you’d think! We asked 10 different girls what their favorite scent is and why. Read on to find out whose taste you agree with. We even throw in some recommendations to help you discover your new go-to fragrance.

Janica Alde, Medical Technologist
"I prefer powdery scents over citrus scents, because powdery scents usually lasts longer on me and it doesn't mix with sweat. It's good for my job (medtech), because I encounter lots of patients in the clinic and I can't reapply perfume constantly."
 iamClaire. recommends: The fresh, powdery scent we love is often a combination of white musk and the floral notes of iris and heliotrope. You'll find it in Bvlgari's Omnia Amethyste.

Prickie Quinones, Freelance Writer
“I love crisp and mild floral-fruity scents. No matter how active I get throughout the day, I know I'll stay clean and fresh smelling. My choice of scent reflects my ambivert personality. I may not be loud but I am confident.”
iamClaire. recommends: Bath and Body Works' White Citrus Mist features crisp top notes of lemon, grapefruit, and mandarin, which blend deliciously with its floral heart and base.

Cathy De Asis, Media Relations Practitioner
"Basically there are two kinds of scents that I go for. One is the sweet type— cinammon or vanilla usually, for days that I want to feel pa-sexy. The other scent I go for is the fresh or powdery cotton scent, for days when I know the weather is going to be really hot and I'll be sweating.
iamClaire. recommends: Exactly as its name implies, the Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy is sexy but never overpowering. It features crisp and powder-fresh top notes that give way to a sensual vanilla base.

Cherry Camille Depano, Author of #HUGOT: Understanding the Misunderstood
“As a simple girl with a vivid ambition in life, I mostly like unisex scents. It's flexible. Plus, mas-attractive sa boys.”
iamClaire. recommends: You can't go wrong with a classic. Calvin Klein's CK One has been beguiling men and women alike with its clean, green scent since 1994.

Patricia Roa, Student
"I like the smell of vanilla and cinnamon because they remind me of desserts. No other special reason."
iamClaire. recommends: If you can't resist a sweet treat, you'll love Ari by Ariana Grande. It's a delicious fragrance with sparkling fruity notes and marshmallow accord.

Joanna Rose Cordova, Production Planner
"I love scents that are in nature, fresh but not sweet, like scents of citrus, herbs, and teas. It reminds me of nature and it fits my personality— simple and bubbly."
iamClaire. recommends: Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose is irresistible in its simplicity. The rose and lily accords blend seamlessly with citrus and other woodsy notes for a clean and crisp trail. 

Gege Galima, Events Organizer
"Light lang yung gusto ko sa pabango, yung parang scent na bagong-ligo. Yung ok pang-everyday and for commuting. Ayoko nung matamis or fruity scents—too girly. It doesn't fit my personality."
iamClaire. recommends: The Sheer Cotton and Lemonade Mist from Bath and Body Works is a sharp and sparkling fragrance that's incredibly lightweight. You can spritz throughout the day.

Missy Gepte, Nurse
"I like using Bath and Body Works' scent Beautiful Day on a daily basis. It gives me that fresh out of the shower feel. For special occasions, I prefer Miracle by Lancôme, Jo Malone's Lime Basil and Mandarin, and the dependable Dolce and Gabana Light Blue. I like scents that aren't too heady or distracting."
iamClaire. recommends: The fresh bouquet of floral notes in Beautiful Day by Bath and Body Works makes it a great favorite. It's sweet and feminine without being cloying. 

Patricia Portes Domingo, Account Director
"I prefer clean and fresh scents that are very subtle. Since we live in a tropical country, I lay off on overpowering floral scents. My routine: work, yoga, walk my dogs. I'm a very simple and low-maintenance person so I also choose scents that I can wear for both day and night."
iamClaire. recommends: Clean Ultimate is a versatile day-to-night fragrance with strong citrus notes and just a hint of white floral notes of jasmine and lily-of-the-valley. It's fresh but sophisticated. 

Ashley Cruz, Social Media Specialist

"I like floral scents because it's light and fresh. My outfit isn't complete without perfume, and wearing one of my favorite floral scents helps boost my confidence. I'm an old soul and I like things that are fresh, clean and light.
iamClaire. recommends: True romantics will fall in love with Lanvin's Marry Me. This sensual scent features a blend of fresh floral notes with a subtle, musky trail for depth.

We'd love to hear from our readers. Tell us your favorite scent and why you love it. Leave a comment or tag us on Instagram @iamClaireph.