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3 Things You Learn When You Live Away From Home
Maria Sioco Borden
Published on

It’s never easy to be pulled away from your comfort zone, but as our favorite protagonists in books and films often show, it’s when you’re out to seek adventures that you truly realize who you are and what you value most.

For some, they choose to live abroad for school, while others do so for work. There are some who relocate for love, and some for family. Whichever one it is, the moment you decide to leave and enjoy a fresh start somewhere else, that’s when your self-discovery begins. Why do you want to leave? What will you find out there that you can’t find in your own country? What will it mean for your friends or family you’ll leave behind?

Moving away can be tough. You’ll miss birthdays and weddings, you’ll miss your favorite restaurants in the city, you’ll miss the heat, the rain, the beaches—you name it. But moving away can be a wonderful experience. It will embolden you, strengthen you, and give you a wider worldview.

1. You become more open-minded to new possibilities.
You’re in a different country, and you don’t have the same support system as back home. You’ll need to become more creative when it comes to figuring out your career, meeting new friends, and finding a community to be part of. You’ll actively go out more, explore new coffee shops, and take the train to tour your new city. Everything is new—and the possibilities are endless.

2.You learn to be kind to yourself.
It’s different for everyone. Other people may easily find themselves settling into a rhythm after a couple of months. If it’s been half a year, and you’re still adjusting to your new life, that’s okay. We all experience important moments in our lives differently, and it’s important to listen to our inner voice. Being kind to yourself means listening to other people when they have something important to say, but it also means deciding that sometimes, it’s also important to drown out all the other voices and listen to yourself, and figure out what you need. Is it social media in moderation? Or do you need to stay in and talk to your parents on a Friday night? Do what makes you happy.

3.You nourish the relationships you choose to keep.
If there ever was a litmus test to true friendship, it could be putting yourself oceans away from your friends. Add in time zone differences and varying LTE connectivities, and you’ve got yourself a challenge with maintaining relationships. You meet new people in your new city, and you’re away from home so much that they develop new friendships, too. But there will be a select few who will stay up late at night to FaceTime you, and there will be friends who will be worth waking up at 5 am for to Skype. The strength of these relationships will be more clear to you, the longer you are away. While losing touch with some folks is inevitable, figuring out who your true friends are is definitely worth it.

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