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6 Health Benefits of Glutathione
Leslie Loyola
Published on

Glutathione is an essential antioxidant in the body. While we often see it in vials or capsules that we take as supplements, it is actually a natural substance that is produced by the liver. Its main function is to prevent cellular damage and deterioration in many different body systems by removing free radicals. It’s also an effective defensive agent against toxic xenobiotics such as pollution and cancer-causing elements.

Glutathione deficiency may result to oxidative stress that causes plenty of diseases, so consider taking it as supplements to keep you healthy and glowing!

Here’s a look at how glutathione can help prevent and even treat various diseases and complications:

It strengthens the immune system.
Glutathione works two ways in boosting your body’s anti-virus arsenal: First, it helps increase lymphocytes or cells that fight off infections. Second, it repairs or recycles other antioxidants that were damaged by free radicals in your body. Take it along with your Vitamin C and E for stronger immunity.

It helps prevent heart disease.
Stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and complications from other diseases such as diabetes increase oxidative stress that damages the heart tissues. Improve your heart’s health by exercising regularly and taking glutathione supplements.

It protects against liver damage.
Taking glutathione supplements doesn’t damage the liver; it actually keeps your liver healthy by enhancing its detoxification function. All the toxins stick onto Glutathione, which carries them to the bile and then out of your body.

It improves mental function.
Brain cells consume about 20% of the oxygen in the body. This is why glutathione is important in the oxidative metabolism in the nervous system. It helps flush out toxins and used oxygen from the different parts of the brain, which causes neural processes to run smoothly. According to some studies, a boost in glutathione levels can help improve memory and even treat Alzheimer’s and other psychiatric disorders.

It encourages healthy pregnancy.
By improving your mental health, glutathione minimizes the risk of stress-induced behavioral depression during and after the pregnancy. This ensures proper brain development for the baby as well. Studies also show that glutathione helps prevent pre-term labors.

It promotes sound sleep.
People with sleep problems have very high levels of oxidative stress. Reducing it by maintaining a normal amount of glutathione in your body can lead to a more relaxed mood and better quality of sleep.

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