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5 Things Your Skin is Telling You
Anne Mari Ronquillo
Published on

As supporters of makeup, we like to think that the only message our skin has for us is “you need to buy more makeup.” Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Our skin is part of the intricate network of systems that power our bodies, and when we can’t see what’s wrong inside, our skin steps up to tell us when there’s something wrong.

You need to hydrate.
When you’re mildly dehydrated, your lips get chapped, and your skin gets very dry and itchy without a trace of glow. You may be slathering your skin with kelp harvested from remote Irish fishing towns, but the best way to achieve great skin is by quenching the thirst of your inner mermaid: drinking more water.

You need more sleep.
Dark circles? Breakouts? Just overall bad skin juju? You may be lacking some much needed sleep at night. Sleep is your body’s way to repair itself from the day’s hustle, and not giving your body the chance to catch up on rest will affect your internal systems. Your body does harder work and will not have enough resources to make sure your skin is also okay. Make sure you get your 8 hours!

You need to watch your sugar or fat intake.
Too much sugar or fat in your body makes you feel sluggish. Meanwhile, dangerous amounts of sugar or fat in your body could put you at risk of diabetes and heart disease. Sometimes, when there are no other symptoms, your skin will be the one crafting the message in the form of dark velvety patches and unusual reddish bumps. Be vigilant about your diet and consult a specialist if you think there’s something serious going on.

You need to chill out.
There are times when all of it is just stress. We often think that stress is a minor, passing moment in our heads that leaves no footprint, but we couldn’t be more wrong! Stress causes your body to amp up its cortisol production, a hormone that affects metabolism and immune response. Any shenanigans on those departments have direct effects on our skin anywhere from breakouts to rashes! Do not hesitate to invest in small self-care moments throughout your day. The less you stress, the better your skin looks!

You need to see a dermatologist.
Sometimes, the problem does not lie beneath the surface. A rash may just be a rash. In the case of unusual markings, moles, and formations, it is best to see a dermatologist. The skin is our largest organ, and it needs a lot of care (and SPF!).

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