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5 Airport Outfit Ideas
Vern Enciso
Published on

Dressing for the airport can be tricky. When you’re gearing up for long immigration queues and heavy luggage, it’s easy to choose an outfit that will make your life easier. No fuss, no hassle outfits are a must when faced with those situations.

But with the advent of social media, being Instagram-ready has become a necessity as well. Documenting your trips from the time you leave the airport to when you get back home has been part of any traveler’s routine.

The big question is: how do you look stylish without sacrificing comfort? Here are five airport looks you should try:

1. The bomber jacket + rubber shoes combination
The key to surviving a trip to the airport is comfortable footwear. Wearing rubber shoes or sneakers would be your best bet to combat the long waiting times and lines. Pair them with a printed bomber jacket and you’re good to go. Don’t worry if you’re a pants or skirt kind of girl; you’ll still look good without the hassle!

2. The denim + blazer combination
When takinglong haul flights, it’s tempting to wear sleeping clothes to the airport to ensure optimum comfort. While this might sound like a great idea when taking a red eye, we don’t recommed wearing pajamas to the airport, especially if you have a layover. Denim is one of the most durable and comfortable bottoms you can wear to a flight. Rock a comfy yet chic and camera-ready ensemble by pairing it with a casual blazer.

By Vern Enciso

3. The sleepwear inspired top + cute backpack combination
Don’t confuse this with our previous point.Although you shouldn’t wear PJs to a flight, you can wear one that looks and feels like it. With the right styling, you can get away with wearing your silk pajama tops to the airport by pairing it with casual slacks and a cute accessory like a backpack or furry shoes. Just make sure you still look put together and not like you mistakenly grabbed it from your closet!
By Vern Enciso

4. The denim shorts + jacket combination
This outfit works best if you’re heading to the beach but get cold easily. If you’re wearing the wrong outfit during a flight, the next few hours can be unbearable. Wearing multiple layers of clothing isn’t ideal considering your destination, so try pairing your shorts with a denim jacket. You can easily take it off if you feel warm at any point during the flight or it can double as a blanket when your legs get cold.
By Vern Enciso

5. The leggings you wear to the gym + a long coat combination
Since we’ve already found a way to wear PJs to the airport, why not try gym clothes too? Leggings are a good choice because they feel like your second skin while providing enough heat compression for you to survive the cold in a plane. While you might argue that wearing it can make you look sloppy, you can make your outfit Instagram-ready by pairing it with a long coat.

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