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Top Shelf: K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint
Regina Belmonte
Published on

I’m going to make a statement and you can’t argue with me about this: Kilay is life.

Okay, fine, I quoted Kris Aquino. But she’s not wrong: Kilay is life!

Back in April, at the height of summer, I went to an island called Mangenguey in Coron to celebrate a friend’s birthday with 35 other people. There were no mirrors. We were a little gritty all weekend, but we didn’t care because the island was magical and the company amazing. So what if we were never entirely clean?

But because kilay is life (and a bunch of the guests were really cute guys), I learned to hold a tiny pocket mirror and my travel palette in one hand and my eyebrow brush in the other to do my eyebrows. After a swimming session, I reapplied them. After I sweated off my eyebrows in the heat, I reapplied them. After my snorkeling mask rubbed off my eyebrows, I reapplied them. I was reapplying my eyebrows at least twice a day. Because kilay is life!

I really wish that K-Palette’s Lasting Eyebrow Tint had arrived a month earlier than it did, but because I have more beach trips coming up, I will just accept this blessing.

Lasting Eyebrow Tint looks and feels like heavily pigmented eyelash glue. It comes in three shades, Light Brown, Natural Brown, and Mocha Brown. (I use Natural Brown.) You either use an eyebrow stencil or paint it freehand onto clean brows in the shape that you prefer, and then allow it to dry. Leave the product on for at least two hours (overnight is ideal), and then peel the dried product off after. (It’s super fun! If you ever let Elmer’s Glue dry on your hands as a child so you could peel it off, that’s how satisfying it is.)

You will reveal eyebrows (and the skin beneath them) that have been tinted so they look like you filled them in with product, and the effect will last for at least a day, possibly longer (if you don’t rub too much).

When I unscrewed the cap and looked at the product, I was intimidated by how dark it seemed. But since I’ll try any beauty product at least once, I followed the instructions on the package and painted a generous amount of the product onto my eyebrows. If you’re not used to filling in your brows with product, don’t risk creating a bad shape because this product will stain your skin where it touches. Use a stencil. (Clean up any mistakes immediately with damp cotton buds, before the product dries.)

I let them dry, then marveled at myself in the mirror because I looked like a kontrabida straight out of a telenovela. Nakakashokot, guys. I went to sleep, and woke up the next morning excited to peel my terrifying eyebrows off.

I was not expecting the results to be as good as they were. My eyebrows looked almost exactly like they would have if I had filled them in the way I usually would (with eyebrow pencil dispensed onto a steel palette, and applied with an angled eyebrow brush). They just looked softer along the edges, of course, but that only served to make them look more natural. Also, if I wanted to define them further, it would take only a fraction of the time compared to doing my full brows manually.

I left for a beach weekend that same evening, and the eyebrows survived a day and a half of pool water and sweat; it was only on Day 3 that I felt I had to augment my tinted eyebrows with my usual product.

If you’re going on a trip that involves water anytime soon, I would 100% recommend using this product beforehand so that your eyebrows stay on fleek even under the sea. This has just become a permanent addition to my makeup kit.

Remember: Kilay is life!

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