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A Quick Guide To Depotting Your Makeup
Mhaan Delos Santos
Published on

No matter how much you claim to love all the colors in your new palette, you’ll probably end up using some shades more than others. Which is why having to lug around large and clunky palettes and multiple compacts can be such a bother, especially if you’re a frequent traveler or a professional makeup artist! Or if your purse is overstuffed as it is.

Consider depotting or relocating your favorite makeup into a multipurpose palette. It’s convenient, travel-friendly, and you can do it yourself. Here’s how.

Step 1

Not all palettes come with easily removal pans, so you need to heat it up to loosen the adhesive. You can use candles, a stove, a flat iron—anything will work. Place a makeup palette on top of a flat iron or a stove for a few seconds. Don’t overdo the process, but do allow enough time to melt the glue binding. 

Step 2

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Use a knife or any sharp-edged tool to work around the pan and remove it from its container. Be careful not to upset the dry shadows. You can do this for cream palettes, blushes, and foundations as well. 

Step 3

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Now that you have successfully removed the pans from its original palette, it’s time to transfer them to a magnetic palette, which is readily available from most professional makeup supply stores. It comes in many different shapes and sizes. Your metal pan should attach firmly to your palette’s magnetic base. You can also reinforce it with a double-adhesive tape just to be on the safe side. 

Step 4

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It's always a good idea to label the bottom of the pans with the brand and name of the shade to prevent confusion later on. You will thank your stars that you took the trouble to do so.

Try to do a trial run on old shadows that you don’t use before proceeding to your favorite ones. You wouldn’t want to break or crumble your favorites, now would you?

Depotting is fun and practical. It lets you create a customized palette based on your most-used shades. And it can help you can streamline your makeup kit.

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