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10 Gym Commandments
Patricia Atienza
Published on

Fitness enthusiasts and people who are working on a #BodyGoal consider the gym their sacred space for self-improvement, empowering transformation, and Zen. So the next time you go for a sweat sesh, take to heart these gym etiquette rules we’ve rounded up for you.


1. Set a goal.
No matter if it’s long-term or for just the day, it’s more encouraging to take on a task with a purpose. Is it to finish five push-ups? A sit-up, maybe? Whatever that may be, trust that it will be worth it!

2. Respect personal space.
Respect your neighbor’s personal space—no matter how small or big the gym, each person is entitled to privacy. Be aware of the space you occupy, and also assert your own right when yours is being invaded.

3. Remember to share…
Just like we were taught in preschool, sharing is caring. A gym is a shared space, with shared machines, equipment, and amenities. Don’t hog equipment unnecessarily, and when needed, be open to sharing equipment and taking turns using them.


4. And know how to fall in line.
If someone else is using the equipment you want to use, wait for him or her to finish. DON’T bug them about when they’ll be done, just wait your turn patiently!

5. Cool down in a free space.
Resting for a certain time (i.e. 30 seconds to one minute) after completing an exercise is acceptable, but don’t use stationary equipment like these as your cool down spot. Look for an open space and a mat to do so, so that other people can take their turn on the equipment.

6. Keep your staring game on the low.
It’s a pain when people stare in general, even more so when you’re working out. If you MUST watch someone to say, copy their correct form, ask politely first, or better yet, ask the resident trainer.


7. Break the ice on the right time.
Gyms are a great place to meet new friends, but breaking the ice would be perfect to do after every workout. You wouldn’t want to distract anyone with small talk in the middle of an intense rep, would you?

8. Make safety your first priority.
It is always nice to discover what your body can do, but make sure to consult with a trainer for the right form, proper pace and routine.

9. Wipe down equipment after use.
Make this a habit so others will do the same. Nobody would want to lie on a sweaty bench. Eek!


10. Put equipment back in the right place.
Not only is it dangerous to leave stray equipment lying around, but also impolite to other users. Let’s avoid accidents happening in the gym—or elsewhere—shall we?

What's one gym commandment you will never break? Share your answers with us on Facebook or Instagram @iamclaire!