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5 Things To Do Before Bedtime
Carla Michaela Hermoso
Published on

1. Drink water


It’s a healthy habit to drink a full glass of water before going to bed. By doing so, you are giving your body the balance it needs. This will help you feel rejuvenated when you wake up the next day.

2. Plan ahead 

By Carla Hermoso

 Sort out your priorities by making a to-do list every day. Before going to bed, think about what you want to accomplish the next day and write it down. This allows you to have a clearer mind when you wake up in the morning because you have concrete goals to check off.

3. Send a message to your loved ones


Let them know are thinking of them by sending them a message. A simple good morning or good night text goes a long way. It will mean a lot to them knowing that you are making time for them despite your busy schedule.

4. Read a good book


A great way to focus and calm down is by reading a good book. Not only does it broaden your horizons, but it also helps alleviate stress and prepares you for a good night’s rest.

5. Think happy thoughts


End each day by thinking of something you are thankful for or something that makes you happy. Having a positive mindset is good motivation to set and achieve your daily goals. Before drifting off to sleep, think of happy thoughts and you'll soon be flying off to dreamland.

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