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8 Apps Every Beauty Girl Should Download
Therese Liboro
Published on

Maybe you’re a makeup guru with over a million followers on your YouTube channel. Maybe you live and breathe beauty. Maybe you’re no expert but you want to make smarter choices. No matter where you are on the spectrum, any beauty girl worth her bath salt should have some, if not all, of these apps on her phone.  iamClaire rounds-up eight apps we love.


Take a selfie to try on different makeup looks and products—that’s the promise. If you’re jaded by scam apps that claim the same thing but offer cartoon-like filters, this is the one app to restore your faith. It took a decade to perfect, but perfect it they did. Fun, interactive, and functional, it shows all the ways different products would look on your face—realistically.


This product discovery app also functions as a personal beauty consultant, suggesting products and shades that will look flattering on you. It takes into account your unique coloring before it makes any recommendations. That’s right, the app cares more about making you look good than selling you a product and making a quick buck. So if you don’t know whether you were winter or summer, warm or cool, fair or tan, snap a quick selfie and find out.


Some girls prefer a more hands-on, DIY, and all-natural approach to beauty. This app is full of curated treatments that are easy to do at home and require ingredients that can be found in any grocery. Even the content is aggregated by the different parts of a woman’s body, making it easier to navigate.


Have you ever seen a look you wanted to imitate, but didn’t know how? GlamScout lets you capture an image and automatically searches for possible shades and brand equivalents for the make-up used in the image. So next time you see a cute lipstick, just take a pic.


You can have all the beauty products at your disposal, but they become useless if you don’t know how to maximize them. Pinterest is a great place to look for make-up looks inspo, but it goes beyond pegs. Sometimes, all you have to do is type “red lips” or “smokey eyes” and it shows you countless looks that match.


No list would be complete without Instagram. Whether you’re looking for celebrities and influencers for pegs, make-up artists and hairstylists for tutorials, or online shops selling that hard-to-find product, this app would have it all. The possibilities are endless.


DIY hair and make-up tutorials have come a long way since the old days. Back then, you could try your best to follow each step, but you were never sure if you were doing it properly. Youtube allows every beauty girl to follow step by step tutorials without worrying if they're doing it wrong!


Sometimes we’re taken away by an amazing review, one good experience, beautiful packaging, or a brand’s reputation. ThinkDirty is a great app if you want to find out how healthy or how good the product is for your skin. It allows users to type the name of a product or scan its barcode, instantly accessing and analyzing its ingredients.

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