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Watch List: The Handmaid’s Tale
Gianna G
Published on

Set in a dystopian United States of America where women are brutally subjugated and stripped of human rights, The Handmaid’s Tale tells the story of Offred (Elisabeth Moss), a handmaid whose sole purpose is to bear children under harsh conditions in a world plagued with infertility.

Under the regime of an extremist Christian Reconstructionist movement called Sons of Jacob, Offred and other handmaids are forced to undergo “the ceremony”, a ritual of sexual intercourse with a high-ranking official with the intention of conception. The ritual takes place with the commander’s infertile wife in the room holding the handmaid in place, making the handmaid a vessel to bear children for the couple. The handmaids are often subjected to physical, emotional, and psychological abuse throughout the process.

The series follows Offred as she attempts to free herself from the abusive regime in hopes of reuniting with her husband and daughter, who she was forcefully separated from prior to her capture. With the help of other rebellious handmaids, she secretly plots to outsmart their captors and regain their identities and freedom.

Watch the trailer below:

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