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10 Mantras To Repeat Every Morning
iamClaire. Editors
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"Believe that you are limited edition. The one and only. Own the space you occupy. Live the life you want."
There are days when the world is our catwalk and some days when we feel that we're just not good enough for anything. Lack of confidence and low self-esteem can dim your shine by crippling personal growth, curbing your willingness to try and take on new things and activities.

So to bring up your confidence level, try to do positive affirmations every morning. These simple yet meaningful statements help get rid of negative self-talk. It’s a popular self-esteem boosting technique that gives you a fresh, new way of looking at yourself. Make it a habit and you will gradually begin to feel better and more confident. Here are some common mantras to get you pumped up and ready to take on anything and everything:

I am a strong, confident woman.
Chin up and work it! No matter what clothes or shoes you wear, from the homely slipper to the highest heels, believe that you are strong and confident. You can work through anything. If Beyonce made Lemonade out of life's lemons, so can you.
By IAC Editorial

I am unique. I am my own person.
Believe that you are limited edition. The one and only. Own the space you occupy. Live the life you want. You don’t have to be like everyone else. Ignore the haters that don't want to see you shine.

I deserve love and respect.
Say "bye, Felicia!" to all fake, unhealthy relationships and friendships. Let the door hit them on the way out. Keep those who give genuine love and respect. Strive to be in healthy relationships. If you are single, stop worrying about never finding someone and work on self-improvement activities instead.

I am intelligent.
Being book-smart is just the tip of the iceberg. Grades, like age, is just a number. Work on excelling in other skills and talents that you have.
By IAC Editorial

I am not lost, I am doing my best.

It can be hard not to compare when you see what everyone has achieved and where they’ve been on social media. You might not be rich and famous but you are doing the best you can. Remember the line from Tolkien: “Not all those who wander are lost”.

I can say NO. 

Don’t think this is out of place on this list. This word has so much power since it allows you to maintain and stake out your personal boundaries. Reclaim yourself from the push and pull of work, relationships, and social activities.

I am successful.
Don’t they say “fake it till you make it”? Your chances of succeeding actually increase if you believe that will succeed. Even if you don’t, continue to believe that you will succeed next time by owning up and learning from mistakes.

I am beautiful. I am sexy. 
It can be hard to accept our flaws but it's doable! Yes, you are beautiful and attractive even without makeup, even when your hair is messy, even when you feel bloated and cranky and PMS-ing. 

By IAC Editorial

Try to say these things to yourself when you start your day. Repeat them in the middle of your day or when the going gets tough. There's nothing healthier and more attractive than pure confidence and an enduring spirit.