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Subscribing to Fitness? Check Out This App
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So you want to get fit. You’ve got athleisure down to a T. You’ve got the cute convertible gym bag to tote around town. You’ve got the signature water bottle that says hydration matters. You’ve picked out everything... except your studio.

We can’t blame you. The city is teeming with all these cosmopolitan fitness studios that it’s becoming impossible to pick just one. And besides, you’re a flavor junkie who won’t stand for sticking to just one routine: some days you have more of an aerial yoga vibe, but some days you just can’t wait to punch something.

You’ll need an app like GuavaPass to live out your best fitness life.

How Does GuavaPass Work?
GuavaPass allows you to subscribe to fitness and not just the idea of it! For the price of a month’s typical studio membership, you can take up to 3 classes for each studio per billing cycle. Morning gentle flow yoga before work, then late afternoon HIIT for all that pent up rage? The app makes it easy for you to reserve your spot for up to 4 classes at a time. For those of us who like to plan our week ahead, GuavaPass is a lifesaver.

I Want To Get Fit, But I’m Not Sure What To Do!
We keep hearing about 360 Fitness, but what if we don’t want to do it for a whole month? GuavaPass is actually perfect for people who want variety. With its massive array of partner studios, you can try anything from pole dancing to Saddle Row. A GuavaPass subscription is excellent for those who don’t like putting all their eggs in one basket by committing a monthly budget to just one studio. You can organically fall into your personal fitness routine after getting a taste of what the studios out there have to offer.

What’s GuavaPass’ Best Feature?
The thing we like best about GuavaPass is that you can simply book your next class at your nearest studio. You being in Ortigas on Wednesday, then Quezon City on Thursday doesn’t mean that you have to miss a workout because of location or traffic! You can book a class of your choice at the nearest and most convenient partner studio without worrying about newbie or walk-in fees. You are really running out of excuses now.

Anything else I need to know?
The people behind GuavaPass are advocates of healthy living, that’s why they offer discounts with partner restaurants that serve grub for health junkies! Referrals are also rewarded with hefty discounts, and you can give gifts to friends in the form of subscriptions. GuavaPass can certainly help you find that fitness groove.

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