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How To Maintain Your Brightly-Dyed Hair
Leslie Loyola
Published on

Unicorn hair is everywhere—and it’s not going away anytime soon. If you’re one among many who got caught up in this pretty trend, you would want to know a thing or two about the upkeep it requires. You probably spent good money for that perfect hair color, and the last thing you want is to wash it all down the drain. We put together these tips to help you keep your brightly-dyed tresses healthy and radiant.

1. Don’t Scrimp On The Bleach and Dye

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Invest in professional-grade quality products to make sure your hair doesn’t get unnecessarily damaged. Your hair color will also stay vivid and radiant longer.  Avoid the cheaper products that contain harsh chemicals like ammonia, which can hurt your scalp and ruin your hair.
2. Hold Off On The Shampoo
You typically need to wait at least two days before you wash your hair after an extreme dye job. This will give the hair cuticles enough time to close and allow the color to set in. Your hair’s natural oils and pH level should also go back to normal after a couple of days.
3. Go For Regular Trims
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Some damage is quite inevitable, and it will be most obvious on the tips. Trim off the ends to prevent it from getting worse and to avoid the “fried hair” look. Have it done at least once a month or when you visit the salon for touch-ups.
4. Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

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In other words, wash your hair only when necessary. Shampooing causes the hair strands to swell, which makes the color fade. This is where dry shampoos and leave-in conditioners come in handy. Choose products that are free from alcohol and sulfates that speed up the fading process.
5. Try Color Depositing Products

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There are specialized shampoos and conditioners that deposit dye onto your hair as you use them. Basically, they work by re-coloring your hair with every wash. This is an effective way to keep your hair color vibrant until your next touch-up session. 
6. Protect Your Hair From The Sun

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Your hair color will fade faster with prolonged sun exposure! Choose a conditioner with high SPF, especially before hitting the beach. Wear hats if you’re planning on staying out a little bit longer. When taking a dip in the pool, apply serums or leave-in conditioners that provide a protective barrier from the chlorinated water.
7. Go Easy On Heat Styling
Using flat irons and curling tongs too often can turn your hair dry and brittle. It can also cause your hair color to fade faster. When heat styling, always apply a generous amount of heat protectant on your bleached and dyed hair. Or use the cool setting on your blow dryer instead, holding it about 15 centimeters away from your hair.