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Embrace Your Body: How To Stay Body-Positive
Anne Mari Ronquillo
Published on

We cannot roll our eyes far back enough at the sight of another extensive “Thickanna” media coverage. See, it’s 2017, and fat jokes just aren’t funny anymore.


Which is why instead of denouncing the name, many are celebrating it.


Rihanna is an iconic musician hailing from Barbados, and talents like her do not come around often. She’s proof that women of all color, shapes, and sizes, can wear couture and look amazing.

Most of us were just raised to believe that we’re, by default, inferior for not looking like traditional lingerie models with shiny locks and porcelain skin.

The good news about this culture built on mythical beauty standards is that we can change it. Here are some of the ways you can be positive in a body-critical world:

Stop Body-Shaming YOURSELF
Many people are first to call themselves fat - because if we’re self-aware, then we’re impervious to ridicule, right? Wrong. You’re still putting yourself down in the disguise of humorous self-deprecation. Self-love and self-acceptance are some of the best qualities you can have. It’s only when you start seeing your own beauty that you can appreciate others’ too.

On that note...

Celebrate the Beauty of Differences
Obviously, we care about outward appearances. But there’s no reason to kill ourselves trying to make our selfies and our actual selves look like those of a standard pageant queen. You look different for a reason! How dull will our world be if we all looked the same?

Stop Body-Shaming Other People
Our beauty-obsessed culture is why even the nicest church-going Titas don’t find it inappropriate to tell you how much weight you’ve gained. There are even rape jokes that pull laughs out of people being “rape-worthy.” These things are just disgusting brands of low-brow comedy that we don’t need in our evolved world.

Be Wary of Brands That Take Advantage of Your Insecurities
In a consumerist society that sells products by tapping into our personal insecurities, we’re bombarded by advertisements on why looking perfect will make our lives better. Do you really need a scented vaginal wash? Science says no because the vagina is self-cleaning, and fragrance are just irritants. If a product makes you feel insecure, it’s probably making a million other people feel the same. Why give them your money?

Tip: Calling a brand or company out on social media, and even a simple e-mail will grab their attention. If a company truly stands for something other than profit, they will likely respond and work on being better.

If The News Is About Someone’s Body, It’s Not News
Don’t click it. A lot of entertainment news websites make their money from readers just clicking on their headlines. Many websites have amassed their wealth over the changes in Kim Kardashian’s body. People’s pregnancies are especially susceptible to a media weight-watch that could last for years! How much weight was gained throughout the pregnancy? 1 year post-partum: have they lost the baby weight yet? We can’t be wasting time on such garbage!


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