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5 Ways to Avoid Underarm Flab
Patricia Atienza
Published on

There’s no quick-fix solution for getting rid of that annoying underarm jiggle, but there are ways you can battle the flab. With a mix of exercise and good nutrition, you can kiss those stubborn flabs goodbye. If it doesn’t work, you can always come to terms with it and learn to love your arms, or make use of strategically designed styling choices.

Before you give up, here are five ways you can battle the arm flab:


Exercise more often
Jiggling body parts may mean your body mass index (BMI) is getting higher and you haven’t been getting the recommended amount of exercise (150 minutes per week moderate exercise, or 75 minutes per week vigorous, according to the American Heart Association). Maybe the lack of physical activity has contributed to a little more body fat than usual all around. Combat the extra pounds by starting a regular exercise routine, or upping the ante on your existing one.


Start strength training
Stop spending two hours on the treadmill—excessive amounts of cardio won’t get rid of the flab. Start lifting weights by following a beginner’s workout, or make use of routines that make use of your body weight. Circuit training routines are another way to add strength training into your mix. Many free programs are available online, but consult with a trainer first!


Add more upper-body workouts to your routine
Although spot training doesn’t work, you can add supplementary arm exercises to your usual routine. In fact, a study by the American Council on Exercise, where scientists tested which exercises work the triceps the most, they found that diamond push-ups, tricep extensions, and tricep dips were the most effective.


Workout your back and core, too
Working out only your arms won’t do much if you’re not strengthening the rest of your body. Your core is essential for balance and strength, and many of your back muscles actually work with your arm muscles (and contribute to your “flabby” arms). Include back exercises like rows and flies, and overall core exercises like planks and its varieties to work out your core and back while strengthening your arms.


Eat a healthy, balanced diet
It’s impossible to naturally reduce fat in a specific body part, but what you can do is lessen your body fat by following a balanced diet that’ll help your body burn fat and build more muscle. According to the Harvard School for Public Health, a healthy plate is composed of the following components: half a plate of greens and non-starchy fruits, a fourth of lean protein like chicken and fish, and a fourth of whole grains like brown rice and quinoa.

Follow these tips and you'll be flexing those toned, sexy triceps in no time! Tag us on Instagram @iamclaireph to show your fitness progress!