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Fitness Fashion: 5 Cute and Functional Wearable Tech
Anne Mari Ronquillo
Published on

Back in the day, before millennials walked the earth, all it took to get fit were a couple of aerobic classes on VHS tapes and a few cute sets of sweatbands. Those were simpler times, alright, and we have since traded the workout tapes for fitness apps and those sweatbands for smart wristbands.

In a world where computers make our lives more sedentary, we need something to remind us that 10,000 steps a day would probably keep the doctor away. Smartphones have gotten a bad rap for stealing us from actual human interaction, but wearables are fast changing the norm. Talk about a healthy obsession.

Fitbit Charge 2

If you’re a fan of statistics and goals, this tracker is your perfect companion and will keep count of everything while you focus on your body. It starts tracking automatically and has a Guided Breathing feature if you’re just looking to cool down or relax.

Lumo Lift 

Sometimes the key to the best version of ourselves is simply a great hairbrush and good posture. The Lumo Lift is a tiny magnetic sensor that you attach on your shirt, right below your collarbone. It monitors your posture and vibrates to remind you to sit or stand straight, like a concerned BFF! 

Mi Band 2*
This smart device not only tracks your stats, it does so accurately by filtering unnecessary movements. The Mi Band 2 is a little plain compared with its predecessor, but it's more hi-tech with and does a fine  job of keeping you fit and active.

Bellabeat Leaf

A smart jewelry that is fashionable and functional. It’s a pendant, a bracelet, and a clip you can attach to your clothing. While you might have athleisure down to a T, it’s always a good idea to accessorize. The smartphone app comes with a period tracker, which is not something that we see often, but badly need.

Misfit Phase

A smartwatch and fitness tracker hybrid that embraces the classic charm of an analog face. Like other smart jewelry, the battery is replaceable instead of rechargeable, which works great for people who are worn out with the daily game of drain and re-charge. The Phase is a practical gadget and we think its best feature is the selfie button, but that’s just us.

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