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Lives Defined By Choice: Vern & Verniece Enciso On Their Journey So Far
iamClaire. Editors
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It's hard to not like the Enciso sisters, Vern and Verniece. Their bubbly and endearing personalities are the reasons why they have so many followers on social media. But don't be deceived by their cute faces and fierce fashion sense, because underneath all that faux fur jackets are determined young women who are their own lady bosses. 

Blogging, Vlogging As A Career

Seven years ago, Vern started her blog, A Shoe Tale, as a means of occupying her time and to live out her fantasy of being Carrie Bradshaw. Verniece, inspired by her sister, followed suit and started her own blog. Individually, the sisters’ blogging careers started to steadily gain momentum in terms of the number of followers and sponsorships; and as their blog progressed, so did their personal relationship with each other.

From the start, the sisters have been very open about their relationship, admitting to both their readers and followers that even though they were related and lived in the same house, they weren’t close. 

Vern: “We’re sisters but we’re not really friends, at all. We weren’t even close at all. We didn’t even want to share the same room… We’re too different. We didn’t like the same things, we didn’t have the same friends. She was an ice skater and I was just a regular girl, going to school. And I guess blogging was the main reason why we got close, but before, we didn’t have the relationship we have today, we aren’t the people you see now. Blogging or writing was my thing and she had ice skating and when she started her own blog, I didn’t help her at all.”

Verniece: “She didn’t help me at all! I didn’t have a domain, at all. She didn’t teach me at all!” 

Vern: “I didn’t help her at all but then we started going to the same events, we started doing the same projects, the same shoots, we traveled together and I guess that’s what really forced us to have a stronger bond.”

Verniece: “Forced?” 

Vern: “I guess if we got close at an early age, if we started liking the same things then we won’t grow. We are both very opposite”

Verniece: “But we complemented each other and we learned a lot about each other. It’s so funny that people think our relationship now is a marketing stunt but we’re really honest about it. We really weren’t friends at all before” 

Looking at them, you wouldn’t have guessed that they weren’t as close growing up especially when people have often mistaken them for twins. 

Thank goodness for blogging then, or else these two sisters would never have gotten together. It was only three years ago when the two decided to join forces and combine their blogs into one, the

It Wasn’t Easy Marrying Two Blogs Into One
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Vern: “Mine was more of an everyday diary, I would blog almost every single day, while hers was more of a style diary.”

Verniece: “Since I really love taking pictures and editing, that’s where I focused more on and as we merged our blogs, it was really a big difference. Before with my old blog, I did not have any filters at all. I was too transparent with the details of my life that I didn’t even think that that many people were reading it. I didn’t even know that my parents were reading my blog. Now I’ve learned my lesson. I make sure that I don’t overshare.

Now, we really curate everything, we make sure that the grammar is correct, the photos and the layout are perfect - we really try to make sure that all the details in the blog will be as clean as possible. Before, we would mostly talk about fashion; what we wore that day, what we did. But now, it’s more of travel tips and life lessons.”

Browsing through the past entries of their blog, you could see that the sisters really have grown up in terms of the topics of their blogs. And last year, they ventured into vlogging -- posting videos of their travels, tutorials, challenges, and advice on their Youtube channel. 

Verniece: “I found my love for filmmaking three years ago, since I took up Multimedia Arts, and I’ve been forcing this girl that we start our own vlog, it was before the trend in the Philippines started.”

Vern: “Even before the whole everyday vlogging started, she’s already been forcing me to do it but I’m just so video shy...but she forced me to do vlogging and it was actually fun. I really, well, we want to do more videos. I think a lot of people think that we’re so uptight based on our photos, that’s why we’re making videos to show our true personalities, we want to show them that we’re funny…”

Verniece: “Sure ka ba funny tayo? Hahaha!” 

Balancing Life & Social Media
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Aside from blogging and vlogging, the sisters are also busy curating their social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The sisters have roughly around 500 thousand followers and subscribers combined. 

Though it may seem that what they are doing is easy - taking photos on their phones and then posting it online, Vern and Verniece want people to know that it takes a lot of time and hard work to be who they are today. 

Vern:  “Before, we used to post on our Instagram, five to six times a day but now we make sure that our accounts are more curated and that everything is more uniformed. We choose what to post and we make sure that it’s different from what we put on our other social media accounts. We don’t want to put too much details on our Instagram so that people can still visit our blog and watch the vlogs.

We want to make it clear, that it may seem like such an easy thing - that all we do is take photos, travel or drink coffee and post it on Instagram, it’s actually more than that. We’re 6-in-1; we’re the photographer, the hair stylist and the makeup artist, the writers, the editors, we do the finishing touches to our posts, she does the HTML and edits the video. There’s more to it than what you see online. A lot of people don’t even think that this is a real job but there’s more to this than just the glamour,” 

Verniece: “And I’m still in school. I make sure to cramp all of the subjects I needed into one day so that i can still do work after like attending meetings or working on the blog and our social media accounts. Last term, I was in school from 8AM TO 9PM - the whole day straight, no breaks.”

On The Importance Of Family
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With so many things under their belt, it’s amazing to see that they still have time for their family and travel. Despite the fame that they have received from being online personalities, the Enciso sisters are still very much grounded to who they were before their blogging careers took off. Partly due to their family and their tight bond with them. 

Vern:  “We always make sure that when we’re with our family, we put all of our phones on the side or in the middle so that no one will touch it - we will talk, we will bond. Sometimes we just need to cut off from social media so that we can actually talk to human beings that’s not through technology.”

Verniece: “We make sure that we have time for our family. We make sure that we stay grounded and that we’re the same people we were seven years ago. With social media, it changed how we travel now because we’re always behind a camera or our phones. We’re always thinking of what to take a photo of, what to take a video of, what to blog about - that we don’t get to appreciate the things that are around us, the opportunities that we get, we don’t get to savor it as much because we’re so busy documenting everything.”

Vern: “At the end of the day, it is always gonna be your family who will love you and genuinely care for you. And the people you should really turn to and ask for advice are your siblings,”

Verniece: “No matter if they are younger or older.”

What’s Next For The Sisters?
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Blogging has been quite a journey for the sisters, giving them this whirlwind experience that has taken them around the world. Quite a difference from the life they had originally planned for themselves. Because prior to blogging, Vern had actually once dreamt of becoming a lawyer -- taking a degree in International Studies as a pre-Law course. 

Vern: “I guess blogging took me to this road, this is really the path that I wanted to take.”

Verniece: “Blogging has changed me a lot because I was always in my own little shell. I didn’t have friends; it was only school, ice skating and home. I didn’t have an outlet to express myself and now, look at me, I’m so talkative!” 

Vern: “For me, I matured faster. Because we handled all the business side of blogging ourselves during the first few years, I had to mature fast and to learn fast. My friends and boyfriend would tease that I’m a Tita Vern or Mommy Vern. That’s how blogging has changed me, but for the better.”

Verniece: “As to what will happen next? We hope to open a business soon, but it’s gonna be a surprise - it’s still in the works. And we hope to host our own travel show, that’s our big dream! And to tick off all of the items on our travel bucket list.”

Such big dreams may not be impossible for Vern and Verniece. After all, they started with a simple blog with a few followers; and fast forward a couple of years and their blog now has thousands of readers with thousands more following them on social media.

But no matter where their success might take them to in the future and the myriad of changes that they may encounter, one thing is for certain, at the end of the day, it is their bond and love for each other that will always be a constant.